Norway Courier

Do you need a courier to Norway?

Route One Distribution proudly offers its dedicated vehicle European courier service and light haulage delivery service to and from Norway.

Our European courier service enables you to efficiently and economically send your consignments using a safe and secure dedicated vehicle.

Whether your valued customer or business-critical event is located in:

• Oslo
• Bergen
• Trondheim
• Stavanger
• Kristiansand
• Fredrikstad
norway flag

or in other popular locations such as Sandnes, Tromsø, SkienDrammen or anywhere else in Norway, Route One Distribution’s dedicated vehicle courier to Norway service and light haulage delivery service enables you to deliver your promises, meet your commitments and exceed your customer’s expectations!

We can offer a ”wait and return” delivery and collection service in Norway (including as part of our exhibition logistics service for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, presentations and other events).

You should consider our excellent dedicated vehicle courier to Norway service for your consignments that are:


Unusual shape/bulky/not easy to fit into standard packaging or onto a standard pallet


Business critical/to key clients

Security critical/identity sensitive e.g. passports, visas, driving licences, car keys, building keys, passes, laptops etc.

If driver must follow specific, pre-advised collection or delivery instructions/site procedures

Larger loads to be “handballed” (delivered by hand) into premises

Not easily or quickly replaced e.g. hand-made or bespoke goods

To event/exhibition/expo/trade show/conference/presentation/sports venues (see our exhibition logistics page)

Valuable (see our Conditions of Carriage)

Please contact us today to let us know how we can help and to get your quote for a courier to Norway!